Public Relations

Once we value our uniqueness, collaboration increases our impact.

A major part of my work consists of raising awareness around the crucial importance and immense benefits of leading from a place of emotional intelligence. In order for us to have a  truly inspirational impact on humanity, our own emotions is where we need to start.


To enable everyone to access this information, I am utilising a variety of media formats and collaborations with other visionary leaders for educational purposes.


This includes a very affordable confidence-building online course, featured leadership-focused publications and many other projects whose aim it is to enable people to embrace their uniqueness and make a difference.

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In order to access any of the above mentioned materials and resources, please refer to the respective icon in the below overview featuring the most recent contributions:

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Contribution Community

This community is dedicated to making a difference, regardless of what we perceive our limitations to be. It encourages its members to share their contributions to humanity (big or small) and creative contribution concepts to inspire others to do the same.

Join our mission to change the world, one contribtuion at a time.


Link to "Contribution Community" group on LinkedIn


Online Courses

I am convinced that Body-Confidence is your birthright!
Therefore, as my contribution to humanity, I created a pragmatic and practical introduction to this life-changing knowledge for the accessible price of £20.

Please follow the link below to enroll of the online course hosted on Udemy.


Link to "Body-Confidence Basics" course


Online Publications

As there is a lot of awareness to be raised around the immense value of leading from a point of visionary emotional intelligence, articles about the work that I do are featured in various written publications.
Please follow the link below to read the latest featured articles.


Published article: "The Rise of Emotional Leadership" (FEM Magazine)

Featured interview: "Inspiring Female Explorers" (FemmeBnB)


Leadership Conversations

"Instant Insights" features brief LinkedIn video interviews with inspirational female leaders who share their thoughts on and advice for women in business.

Please follow the links below to view a selection of the video interviews.


Featuring Yaa Priscilla Birago (Founder of Femme BnB) 

Featuring Ann van Every (Creative Director of AVE Group)

Featuring Lauren Quinn (Founder of Women's Social Network)


Audio Features

This section includes additional collaboration projects with visionary leaders whose audiences are built around audio-based content.
Please follow the link below to read the latest featured audio recording.


Audio feature: "How do you empower women?" (Empower One Woman)

Podcast feature: "Owning it" with Meg Roundell Greene (Spotify)



This page features a blog with straight-to-the-point, thought-provoking posts covering an insightful variety of topics related to visionary female leadership, including Body-Confidence and Emotional Self-Leadership.

Please follow the link below to browse through the posts.


Link to Blog