Private Body-Confidence Coaching

"Being you" seems to be the most difficult thing to become

until it becomes the easiest and most inspiring thing to be.

Question:  Are you still wondering why feeling confident about your body is even relevant for career women?


Well, besides the positive "side" effects of the potential for overall happiness, the simple truth is this:


Even when you suppress your negative thoughts about

your physical appearance, you are effectively

raging war against yourself.


Every time that we choose to suppress negative emotions, we show our brain yet again that we do not trust ourselves to be able to effectively deal with our own challenging emotions. If our mind constantly overrules our emotions and therefore suppresses our intuition, our instinctive sense of direction is essentially hijacked. There is a subconscious part of us that is painfully aware of this truth already.


We know that the time has come to support our brain in rectifying its approach towards emotional conflict resolution.

But at the same time, we are fearful of what might come up if we finally allow our walls to come down and for our buried emotions to surface. For as long as we can remember, we have been trying so hard to stay strong and not to lose control, afraid that being emotional meant being weak. Yet this fear of vulnerability also obscures the fact that, in order for us to unlock our fullest potential, we must embrace all that we are and our negative emotions are the most precise indicators of where to start.

As women, the key to our true power lies in our capacity for emotional intelligence grounded in the understanding and unconditional acceptance of our own uniqueness, our physical appearance included. Our highest potential for making an impact is therefore directly linked to our ability to powerfully and authentically embody who we are and what we stand for - for ourselves, for others and for humanity as a whole.

So reclaim your power by embracing your uniqueness!

It all starts with us. It all starts with courageous self-leadership!

Bespoke One-to-One Body-Confidence Coaching - What exactly is that about?

Pragmatic, practical and experience-based one-to-one Body-Confidence Coaching enables career women to learn to love the way they look and therefore unlock their ability to embody their vocation.

The Body-Confidence Coaching first and foremost helps you truly understand why you are not satisfied with your appearance.

It enables you to finally be able to silence the internal and external negative commentary and instead, find peace & confidence in truly appreciating your body.

Then, you will learn proven techniques to transform your thoughts and become more comfortable with the way you look by managing the underlying fears connected to your low level of personal confidence.

​The programme's ultimate goal is for you to achieve a profound belief in yourself, the significance of your uniqueness and your extraordinary ability to make a powerful impact, regardless of how other people or society are trying to make you feel about your physical appearance.

As a career woman with that kind of fundamental confidence, you can achieve absolutely anything you set mind to:

  • making lasting differences through your leadership

  • getting that executive-level promotion

  • setting new benchmarks for your industry

  • following your passion and starting your own business

  • being a confidence-role model to others

  • or simply put: change the world!

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