Your not so typical Valentine's Day blog

For most of my teenage and adult life, I was single by choice.

Most of the year I was perfectly happy with that but those pesky days in early February were hard.... Valentine's Day.... the cynic in me never liked the concept anyway but the women in me became temporarily aware of a certain loneliness.

People around me were frequently offering advice:

"Your ambition scares them away...."

"You should just be nicer...."

"Maybe is you weren't so much yourself, at least at the beginning...."

Just writing those few examples makes me angry about how harmful they are. Luckily I was strong enough not to buy into that kind of BS.

Part of me always knew that there are men out there who can handle every piece of the woman that I am.

And I was right to wait, I was right not to give in and settle.

Now I have a partner who:

.... values that I know what I want and supports my mission.

.... appreciates me being kind instead of nice.

.... loves me for who I am.

This is a shout-out to all single career women out there who refuse to settle for anything less than true love.

It's out there. Don't lose faith!

And so is a practical, pragmatic way of learning how to love the way your unique body looks. When you feel ready to discover it, message me.

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