Why reading is distracting

I used to be a book worm but now I struggle to make it past the first few chapters - especially when it comes to books about personal development.

When I was younger I stayed up to 2AM to finish a book, I loved reading. During university, reading was a must and I continued it to broaden my knowledge to support my corporate career.

I've read them all:

How to win friends and influence people, Think and grow rich, The 4-hour work week, etc.

But in the past few years I have found a much more effective way to learn anything I want or need to know: experience (both, my own and other people's)

The human experience is so different for each and every one of us that books (written from another person's point of view) can actually distract us from what feel right for us, how we have to live our life. We all have our personal ways to say, do, share, understand things - that's the beauty of our one-of-a-kind existence and the potential for our unique contribution.

While books can point us in the right direction, all they do is provide us with knowledge.

But it is only through experience and keen observation thereof, that we gain wisdom and connect with our own personal truth.

So be brave, ditch those literary floaties and experience a bit more life rather than just read other people's tales about it!

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