Why we cannot outrun our emotions

I know that change of any kind can be very scary.

But often we do not look past our immediate fear in order to consider the detrimental long-term and ripple effects of avoiding change.

No other story explains this better than the frog in the pot:

When a frog is placed in a pot of water that is slowly being heated up, the frog could leap to safety at any moment. Instead, it chooses to use its energy to adjust its body temperature.

Tragically, once the point is reached where the frog realises that its life is in danger, its efforts to endure the situation have weakened it so much that it can no longer save itself.

While I am unsure of the scientific validity of this story, it is a very vivid illustration of what happpens when try to avoid facing our feelings because we fear the impact of the changes we sense we need to make in our lives.

We cannot outrun our emotions (and believe me, I've tried)!

Because until we face them, we will be confronted with the same painful experiences over and over again.

Understandably, we fear immediate emotional challenges. However, our inaction inevitably leads us to ignoring the distressing long-term effects our self-doubt of own abilities has on our career, relationships, happiness and even our health.

Our emotional past will catch up with us precisely when we have developed the emotional processing power to deal with it.

So trust your instincts when you feel the time is right to face your feelings, instead of telling yourself that you can hold out for a bit longer.

After all, it's your journey, you have got everything that it takes to make that life-changing leap!

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