Value your Time and Talents

Yesterday somebody called me heartless.

Because I had politely declined their invitation to "having an inspirational chat".

It's not the first time this happens. I get criticised for declining "coffee chats" all the time.

I didn't used to decline, I had loads of those in the past. The people I spoke with left inspired and I was left.... exhausted.

Because inspiring people is what I do. It's my work, my passion, my talent. People took that inspiration and I was left wondering why they never got back to me - until I read messages three months later thanking me for having sparked their incredible transformation.

But I digress....

It took me a long time to value my own time and to see my power skills for what they are. And now when people get offended (or passive-aggressive) about me guarding my time and talents, I know that it is a reflection on them, on how much they value themselves and other people's time.

And this is not just applicable to entrepreneurs, it happened to me countless times during my corporate days as well.

If we don't value our own time and talents, others (who often see our gifts much more clearly than we do) will attempt to take advantage of them - and get snappy when they're caught in the act.

This is yet another example of why self-awareness and healthy boundaries are immensely important in our personal and professional life, and not just to avoid getting dragged into some pseudo-spiritual Ponzi-scheme.

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