The value of vulnerability

When I briefly tried going to therapy, it did nothing for me. It felt clinical, I felt judged - so I didn't open up and called it quits.

It just didn't feel like the right thing for me. Something about the lady sitting in front of me with her clipboard asking questions and taking notes made me feel highly uncomfortable. I kept thinking:

"If she is all aloof and unemotional, why should I be vulnerable and speak about things I haven't told anyone else about?"

And now here I am, years later offering people to learn to heal too.

The difference being that I believe in full transparency, in the sense of I will always tell people what I have been through and have healed from too.


Because when we open up to people, people open up to us.

Because when people learn what we have been through, they drop their own mask too (i.e. insecurity, fear or shame about what has happened to them, etc.) - they feel seen, understood, not judged and therefore safe to express themselves and their feelings.

Because when people see that we have healed from our emotional struggles, they find the courage, hope and determination that they can overcome whatever they are wrestling with too.

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