The power of words

"I'm such an idiot!" - we might think that saying this when we do something wrong is no big deal, but it deeply matters.

The words we use to describe ourselves are of utmost importance because, consciously or not, they reflect what we think about ourself.

If we keep insulting ourselves, scolding ourselves every time we make a mistake, we do not respect ourselves.

If we think about it from a less self-centred perspective, in most cases we would never talk to somebody else the way we talk to ourselves.

So why do we?

A lot of times the root cause can be found in our past.

Back when we were young our parents, teachers or other children might have called us an idiot when we did something wrong.

They might have told us off instead of creating a safe environment which gave us the opportunity for us to learn something.

But regardless of what the reason, in the end, neither their words nor what happened all those years ago actually matters now.

Because ultimately, what mattered was what we made these situations and their words mean about ourselves.

Once we understand that, we can make peace with the situation, forgive ourselves for not getting things right at times and chose to no longer be unkind to ourselves based on what other people carelessly labled us.

Because their labels mean nothing about us, they never did and they certainly no longer do now.

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