Struggle with self-love is hereditary

My biggest learning in 2021 was the realisation that we cannot give what we have unlearned to receive ourselves. A practical example, which I have encountered in countless client conversations, is self-love. If we have grown up with a parent who has struggled to love themselves for who they are, chances are that we are living through the same struggle. If a parent has at some point in their lives learned to no longer believe in their innate lovability, they can no longer effectively teach their children to love themselves - unless of course, the parent has made the effort later on in life to re-teach themselves to love all that they are. These types of patterns usually reach through generations. They might appear different from person to person, but the underlying emotional struggle remains the same. And while untangling the patterns requires courage, strength and patience, the understanding of this principle helps us become much more compassionate towards what and who has hurt us in the past - it is a huge step towards healing ourselves.

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