Self-acceptance is a great act of kindness

"Oh wow, you've made friends already? And with her? She won't even talk to us...." is what someone said to me after four days in my new neighbourhood.

"She" being a very successful young lady who moved into a beautiful house in a community of mostly retired couples. But I am not writing to talk about her rather than about one of the most underrated aspects of social interaction: how we feel about ourselves.

Ever since I stopped judging myself, I have also stopped judging others as well - even if they still judge themselves.

And without me having to say one word, others instinctively feel that it is safe for them to open up and just be themselves around me.

Seeing, accepting and loving others for who they really are, is one of the greatest acts of kindness we can gift another human being, especially if they are struggling to do so themselves.

Courageously embracing all that we are doesn't just help us heal emotional wounds, it also helps us connect with people on a much deeper, more authentic level - in private as well as at work.

By me being the best version of myself, I am able to see the best version of others, without judgement or expectations so that we can effortlessly, comfortably connect on a profound level.

I trust myself unconditionally, so they know they can trust me too. And regardless of whether they still fear, hate or underestimate what they see in the mirror, I can support them in overcoming that.

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