Personal experience is invaluable

I believe that the way we most effectively get through our unique emotional challenges is by sharing it with someone who can deeply, personally relate to what we are feeling - our fears, our doubts, our insecurities, but also our hopes for a better future.

There is so much value in putting ourselves in a place where we can freely talk, feel and just be in the company of somebody who has been where we feel stuck right now yet who has already overcome those situations themselves.

Because since they were able to heal their emotional wounds, so can all of us.

That's why I offer experience-based coaching.

Because I have been in some of the darkest places imaginable myself - I have experienced what it feels like to face some of the most agonising human emotions, but I have also come out on the other side where there is love, happiness and freedom.

Because I know what it takes to not only overcome, but to heal from our emotional challenges.

But mainly because I believe that whatever we are facing, we have all the strength and wisdom to overcome it. All we need to do is find the belief in ourselves - and that's exactly what I will help you rediscover.

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