Overcoming people's opinion

When I was younger I got into a lot of trouble because I couldn't help telling people the truth straight to their faces. It's not that I would have ever revealed any of the secrets anyone had ever confided in me. It was more the fact that people asked me for advice or my opinion and I would factually state what I observed and felt was true from my perspective. However, even though people asked for it, they didn't always want to hear the truth. I was born to be a person to confide in and to get no-nonsense feedback from, it comes incredibly natural to me. So when I was younger, I did not understand why people would get angry at me for telling them the truth. The problem with people getting angry was that I started to just keep quiet because of their negative reaction. Because I wanted to be liked, because I was afraid of their rejection, because I feared not being accepted and ultimately alone. So I kept one of the most valuable aspects of who I am hidden. It has taken me years to come back to a place where I see its value and have found the courage to share what I observe and learn every day. The difference is that now people find what I share valuable and inspiring - they even ask and pay me for my advice. Don't let other people's reaction keep you from what you know deep down inside is what makes you happy and is of service to people.

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