Expressing our unique perspective

"Hasn't your mother taught you to just keep your mouth shut when you don't have anything nice to say?" was what a friend told me once, but it made me silence myself for a long time.

I can no longer remember the exact context of the conversation, but its effects haunted me for years. What affected me most was not that my friend's unwillingness to confront the truth of my words, but the fact that she was right about my mother telling me to keep quiet.

It was a lesson I had been taught over and over again during my childhood: that my words didn't matter, that my words were powerless, that my words were unwelcome.

And at that moment one of my closest friends confirmed exactly that. Because what she labelled as "not nice" simply was a truth she was not prepared and willing to deal with at that point in time.

Over the years I have eventually learned the impact my words could have on other people and why the truth can only be told when the timing is right, meaning when people are open to receiving it.

Because once we realise how to effectively express ourselves, our ideas and our values to others, the ones who appreciate our perspective will support who we are and what we speak about.

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