The power of exponential encouragement

Yesterday my partner and I had a heated discussion about my idealism. Sometimes it frustrates him, and I get it.

We are experiencing challenging times in human history. Times that make us feel powerless or helpless, times that make us feel so small in comparison to what we are facing on a global scale.

So he challenges my mission to make a difference:

"What can one single person possibly do in the face of such overwhelming adversity?"

I understand where he is coming from, yet I still disagree.

Because by me changing for the better, the people around me see that it is possible. It gives them hope and courage to do the same. Some of them change for the better too. People around those then see that it is possible, so they decide to make a change too and so on.... people change, families change, communities change.

All of our actions have a ripple effect: That's how all of us can pragmatically, practically make a difference.

It's not idealism, it's simple logic, it's exponential encouragement.

And even he could no longer argue with that.

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