The danger of "Energy Vampires"

One thing I struggled with for a long time was realising when old friends had become "Energy Vampires".

Energy Vampires are what I call people who only ever reach out to me in times of trouble, when they need a shoulder to cry on.

We all go through tough times and sharing what we are experiencing helps us process such negative emotions and see these situations in a new light. People share, people talk, it's human and it's healthy.

What is not healthy though, is when all a person ever does is call or visit us to talk about their problems, usually without even asking how we are doing (or if they ask, they don't care to hear the answer). That's not friendship anymore, that's a free counselling session for them - even if more often than not they don't even take our advice.

Such relationship patterns develop over months, if not years, but eventually what happens is that we have become their emotional dumping ground.

At which point it is well worth asking ourselves whether we want to continue that relationship or rather spend our precious time with people who truly care and boost our energy & happiness level.

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