Effective emotional expression

In the past, I had great difficulties expressing my emotions.

Truth be told, their intensity scared me.

So I kept them to myself until the next stressful situation arose and *BOOM* I could not longer keep my emotional guard up when what felt like an emotional tsunami washed over me.

That also made most people around me very uncomfortable. Which then in turn scared me even more because it made me afraid of losing them. So instead of looking for ways to prevent such emotional disasters in the future, I manically gathered up all the rubble to rebuild that wall as quickly as possible. And each time I did that, its structure became more and more unstable.

Being characterised as an "emotional person" does not actually mean that we are automatically able to effectively process emotions. Often it's rather the opposite, especially when we have grown up in an environment where we weren't encouraged to express our own feelings. Which is very frustrating because our emotions are not only what makes us human, we also sense their immense potential to facilitate engaging communication and deep connection.

By learning how to deconstruct that rubble wall and no longer dread the view of my personal emotional ocean, I acquired the ability to calmly face the storms of other people's emotions too.

And the beauty of it is that by me being able to do that with them, they start believing in their own ability to do the same for themselves.

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