Defining our own value

I have come to a point where I despise having to prove myself.

And nothing showed me this more than my recent international travels.

The whole way to the airport, I felt nauseous.

At check-in I had sweaty palms handing over my passport and travel documents for inspection.

The moment I received my boarding pass, there was an instant release of emotional pressure - having been cleared for travel never felt this good!

Later, at the gate, I contemplated how I had felt and suddenly it hit me:

When I was younger, I had felt exactly the same before having to take exams and even worse right before receiving the results.

When we feel like we have to prove our value - because we have linked it to whether we meet certain external expectations - we have already become a below par version of who we actually are. Fear of judgement and fear of failure overshadow our presence and ultimately our performance.

Which is why it is so important to know, embrace and be grounded in who we are and the fact that our sheer existence is valuable.

So that the only times where we suffer the anxiety of having to prove ourselves is during exceptional global circumstances beyond our control, rather than everyday life situations.

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