Being grateful for hardships

With all these cheerful Thanksgiving posts out there I would like to express my gratitude for some of the things that used to make me angry and sad.

I am grateful for my mind having forgotten all about my childhood.

It kept me safe until I was ready to process what caused it.

I am grateful for having been forced to keep quiet in a world full of lies.

It gave me the ability to observe and recognise the truth.

I am grateful for always having felt that I had no role models, nobody to look up to.

It made me find my own strength to build a life that makes me happy.

I am grateful for my mind incessantly bringing up painful memories, because now I know it did that to show me where to start changing the way I look at things.

I am grateful for all the hardships that have become my most valuable lessons and the basis for connecting with people by saying:

"You are not alone. I got through this, so can you."

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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