Avoiding holiday resentment

Looking back, countless Christmas arguments in my family could have been disappointed if we had just complimented the cook. Now, as an adult I understand that there are few things as disheartening, disappointing and even infuriating on Christmas as having spent hours in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal, only for it to be devoured within 20 minutes without hearing one kind word about it. Sometimes it's even worse. People who have not done one thing to contribute to the festivities, people who only sat down at an overflowing table, find one little imperfection to criticise. Especially when we are in a rush, when we are stressed or just distracted, we forget the little words that show gratitude and could prevent resentment and anger. Saying "Thank you." often goes a long way towards a cheerful, peaceful and loving atmosphere - and that goes not only go for the festive season. I am wishing you and your loved ones wonderful, restful holidays and a great start into a 2022 filled with health, joy and most importantly love.

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