New Coaching Programme!

Let's talk about "scope creep".... project and programme managers will dislike the sound of that just about as much as "UAT results" ;)

Scope creep has a negative connotation as it is usually associated with the notion of having missed something at the beginning of a project. In the worst-case scenario, what can be interpreted as a careless oversight may also be taken personally and eventually becomes internalised as a self-sabotaging lack of expertise or even maturity.

Now that I am managing my own personal project (i.e. my coaching business) as I see fit, I welcome scope creep.

For me, it is a sign of growth, of expansion.

The fact that I am now excited to offer a second personal coaching programme that focuses on Emotional Self-Leadership is born not out of oversight but out of insight - insight I gained from observing others as well as myself.

It is a testament to my own growth, personally and professionally, that I am now in a position to confidently and effectively teach fellow career women what I have internalised and implemented in my own life.

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When you are ready to not just embrace but leverage your uniqueness as well, message me.

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