Your unique competitive advantage

I never liked playing by the rules.

Naturally, I play by my own rules in business too:

I find email newsletters absolutely draining.

So I have stopped sending them to my contacts.

Instead, I tag people in my posts, if they ask me to.

I no longer see value in working excessively.

So I do not use Linkedin in the evening or on the weekend.

Instead, I block Monday mornings to respond to messages and notifications received during my me-time.

I never actually believed in freebies.

So I don't offer free courses anymore.

Instead, I create high-value, thought-provoking and inspirational content for my connections to educate themselves.

I get annoyed by people chasing me or wanting to "chat".

So I don't send unsolicited messages to my connections either.

Instead, I welcome you when you join my network and wait for you to approach me when you feel you are ready for personal coaching.

The more I've learned about myself the stronger my belief in the unique way I want to do things has become.

I created a business I would love to interact with - a business based on inspiring confidence, not preying on insecurity.

If you love it too, welcome to my world.

If you don't, there are plenty of alternatives.

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