What womanhood means to me

"Just be a good girl." was last said to me at the age of 31 after having had the courage to be completely vulnerable when asking a close family member for a deeper, more meaningful connection with them.

It was rejection, the condescending kind, and it surely wasn't the answer I had hoped or even braced myself for.

But it did not hurt.

Because, in the end, what they failed to see was that I am not a girl any longer.

I have become a woman who is unafraid of the depth of her feelings.

I have become a woman who is unafraid of asking for what she wants.

I have become a woman who is unafraid to stand in her own power.

At times, being a woman is about strength, courage and convictions.

But for me, the essence of womanhood is the level of trust I place in myself and my emotions.

It is not so much about using these emotions to excel at whatever I choose to, it is about the value of experiencing them fully.

I know that I have the powerful capacity to explore the depths of despair as much as I relish the peaks of pleasure - and appreciate everything in between.

I am emotionally grounded. That's what being a woman means to me.

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