Rethinking criticism

I used to become very defensive when somebody criticised me.

And when I write "defensive" I mean that I felt hurt and shut down.

I thought that by keeping others and their words out, I would avoid the pain their words caused.

I believed that by being in a position where their words couldn't touch me (emotionally), I was keeping the upper hand.

I was wrong.

Most of the time, what I interpreted as criticism was simply others not understanding why I did what I did or said what I said. Often, it was a simple miscommunication which due to my reaction resulted in conflict (professionally and personally).

What actually happened though was that I missed major opportunities for effective dialogue, more harmonious relationships and even creative inspiration to create more innovative business solutions.

Nowadays, when somebody gives me critical feedback, I hear them out to relate to where they are coming from.

Sometimes what they say still stings. But I calmly and gratefully lead myself through the conversation because every single time I learn something that helps me understand them, myself and my work better.

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