Why "Anger Management" is inefficient

Anger is not there to be "managed".

It is there to point you to opportunities for healing and growth.

Anger, just like any other negative emotion, is essentially the GPS on your road towards embracing your uniqueness.

Negative emotions flare up every time something (or someone) touches a pain point, an emotional wound that we have not yet cleaned out in order for it to heal into a scar.

It still hurts, so we keep people away by fending them off, by building walls or by lashing out.

Some wounds run so deep that we have actually grown fearful of even approaching them ourselves. But, as so often in life, out of sight does not actually mean out of mind.

While our brain might have created lots of distracting thought patterns to make us think that we're okay, the wounds remain until we finally pluck up the courage to face our feelings and resolve what has caused them in the first place.

By doing so, we not only exercise our courage muscle and develop emotional strength, we actually discover treasures like compassion, trust and intuition which go a long way towards accepting and loving who we are, not just what we look like.

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