The concept of emotional self-harm

Few of us realise how harmful it is to bottle up negative emotions. We think we're being strong but here's what actually happens:

When somebody makes a nasty remark about the way we look, most of us get angry. Some of us verbally retaliate but the vast majority most likely lets it slide to avoid confrontation.

But where do you think that anger eventually goes?

We internalise it, we redirect it towards ourselves.

Subconsciously of course, but that's what we do.

Same thing, even worse, when it is our own self-sabotaging thoughts that we do not let out (i.e. we say them out loud, face them and resolve them).

We reinforce these negative thought patterns, we keep redirecting our own nasty remarks towards ourselves, so we further internalise the pain they cause us.

It's what I call "emotional self-harm".

We do this to ourselves, often without even realising it.

But the good news is, it is also up to us to change.

Once we realise this and take radical responsibility for our own habits, we put ourselves in the position to understand why we are used to doing it and then we can learn how to transform our harmful thought patterns effectively & forever.

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