"Pushing through" is not always effective

I value conviction, compassion and contribution over consistency.

Because I know that it is not "all about showing up", it is all about HOW we show up.

So despite usually posting every weekday, I didn't last Friday nor yesterday.

And how many times did I beat myself up for that?

Not even once.

Here's why:

Yesterday was a 150 miles an hour day. I had a crammed to-do-list with all admin-related tasks. It does not spark joy, but it needs to be done, so I schedule it all in one day to get it over with.

I get my head down and I get the tasks done, as efficiently as possible. My whole body is wired, I physically & emotionally feel the tension yet I push through.

But this is not how I normally operate.

And this is most certainly not the state of mind for me to be in when creating inspiring, thought-provoking posts. Any creative, visionary process takes time but most importantly it requires me to connect with my essence, with who I am, what I have experienced and what I want to stand for.

Pushing through is highly efficient.

Switching off is highly creative.

There is a time and place for both, but we must honour the frame of mind we need to be in to maximise their effectiveness.

Oh and Friday I was hiking in the stunning French Pyrénées with the boyfriend #selfcareisntselfish

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