The unattainable lie of "perfection"

"Perfection is a lie."

We kind of know that, we have certainly heard it numerous times.

But there is still part of us that hasn't let go of the concept quite yet.

Let me give you my perspective on 'perfection'.

Have you ever truly asked yourself what perfection actually means?

Sometimes it's straight forward: when we are talking about measurable results, KPIs or dissertation, the perfect score is 100%. Simple.

But perfection has crept into how we expect to see ourselves as well. Despite body image being hardly quantifiable, still, how often do we feel disappointed about us not looking 'perfect'?

The expectation that our human body has to be 'perfect' through resembling anything other than what it actually already is, is absolutely ludicrous to me.

Your body is designed to be unique.

There are 7.8 billion people on this planet and not one single one of them looks just like you - you are made to stand out, not blend in!

How can that fact not be so much more fascinating than 'perfection' ever could be?

The miracle of your uniqueness far exceeds 'perfection', don't you think?

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