Do you ever consider the emotional price tag?

I get it, it's so tempting to just ditch self-responsibility and indulge in a little self-pity instead.

But in the long-run, this is devastatingly ineffective.

I am fully aware that we live in a time where instant gratification is favoured over the effort of seeing the bigger picture.

Almost on a daily basis, we pay to avoid discomfort from a short-term perspective - and when I say "pay" I am not necessarily talking about money:

We'd rather keep quiet than tell our mother to stop commenting on our figure.

We'd rather change into a different dress than tell our partner that we are fine with showing some leg.

We'd rather use anti-ageing creams at the age of 28 than tell the pushy salesperson that we don't mind little laughter lines.

And we pay, emotionally.

The thing is, every time that we choose to avoid an uncomfortable situation, we show ourselves yet again that we do not trust ourselves to be able to effectively deal with our own challenging emotions.

And our brain reinforces negative thought patterns accordingly.

It's time to support our brain in rectifying its approach towards emotional conflict resolution and tip our own scale in our favour - everyone else but us wins from keeping the scale as is.

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