Why "being strong" is not the way forward

I used to be such a control freak.

But then again, others saw the ability to keep things under control as a valuable management skill.

As "opening up" was not really encouraged in the professional environment, I resorted to being strong and pushing through.

And I was good at it - after all, that's what I had been doing my entire life.

From a personal perspective though, all of this was nothing more than my desperate attempt to avoid vulnerability.

I had spent decades building these walls around me because I was afraid that showing my true self would not be safe.

I fearfully believed that, if I was no longer "being strong", someone might see it as a weakness and take advantage of that. Logically, as a protective measure, my brain pushed everything aside that did not resemble its control-centred interpretation of strength.

If our mind constantly overrules our emotions and therefore suppresses our intuition, our instinctive sense of direction is essentially hijacked.

In that state, I was not in control.

In fact, vague unease subtly ran the show and I had absolutely no awareness that true strength actually comes from within, from knowing myself, embracing all that I am and fully trusting myself, no matter what.

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