How negative body image cripples performance

Yesterday I messed up.

I made a wrong move, trapped my shoulder nerve and today I am in pain.

Despite all my daily efforts to prevent it, this happens from time to time. The root cause is my spine - it looks like this picture:

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Why am I telling you this?

My brain normally has all the capacity in the world to produce insightful content so it's what I can focus on.

But today I have tried to come up with an inspirational, thought-provoking post for over an hour.


I can't concentrate, let alone be creative in this state.

The reason for that is logical, biological even - my brain is focussed on how a painful shoulder could negatively influence my chance for survival.

It thinks something is wrong with my body, so that takes natural precedence over authentic expression.

In this case, it is right, my shoulder hurts.

But brains can be just as occupied with a negative body image, i.e. the brain being used to thinking there is something wrong with the way we look: our brain is then constantly assessing how that negative perception of our appearance might reduce our chances of survival, procreation, resources etc.

Sure, it's much more subtle (so subtle that we miss it), yet the effect is the same:

a decrease in concentration, creativity, performance, authentic expression etc.

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