The detrimental effect of a lack of "Confidence Role Models"

Growing up without what one could call a 'Confidence Role Model' was hard, so I searched for other people to look up to.

I found movie stars, models and beauty pageant contestants.

We're talking pre-internet here, so where else could I have looked given that I had no one in my real life environment who actually felt good about their body?

But it is not just teenage girls who are facing the lack of Body-Confidence role models. Successful women in business tell me the same thing all the time.

The only difference is that career women are even more disillusioned because they know that people in movies only act. We are aware of the "fakeness" but hold onto it because there seems to be no other believable alternative.

We cling to celebrities on a pedestal.

Because we don't actually know them, we can keep the illusion of them loving the way they look, so there is hope for us too.

Until someone who knows tells us the truth.

"I never felt more insecure than when I was a model" confessed a friend of mine who had modelled successfully for years "While others saw beauty personified, all I could see were my flaws."

Truth is, beauty has little to do with our appearance. It all depends on how we choose to see ourselves.

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