Why negative body image is not always about "feeling worthy"

There is a lot of talk about 'worthiness' when it comes to self-love.

Honestly, I never identified with that concept.

Rather than questioning whether I deserved to feel good about myself (I was convinced that I did), I was scared of the depth of my emotions.

I instinctively knew that shallow mantras would be no more than a Band-Aid to what I feared was a deep flesh wound.

Just thinking about it, my brain literally panicked.

It had spent years suppressing my emotions, leaving it with little to no evidence that I in fact was capable of handling my own emotions.

I sensed that what showed up in my life as insecurity about my body was merely the tip of the iceberg.

And while that was petrifying, it was also the obvious place to start.

So I did.

Yes, it took courage, lots of it.

Yes, I cried like a baby, not just once.

But Hell Yes, I feel so much better having overcome that fear!

Not just in terms of my body image but my entire being.

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