The connection between career success and Body-Confidence

Updated: Feb 11

It took me a long time to see the connection between my physical appearance and my career success.

For a long time, I thought that all I had to do to keep climbing up the corporate ladder was work hard on high profile projects with executive management exposure.

There was no way that I would let this silly little voice in my head (which, for the past decades, had said mean things about the way I looked) get in my way.

I was convinced it did not matter.

After all, we're talking business here, no need to get emotional. Right?

Well, thing is that one of the most important skills in a leader's toolbox is emotional intelligence.

But we can only truly access it to serve others and a greater purpose when we have learned about all of our own emotions, the bad ones too.

Plus, it is our uniqueness that is the source of our own personal wisdom and power. If we reject our unique appearance and try to blend in, we automatically never discover some of our talents.

They don't shine through.

And we cannot utilise what we cannot see.

So we limit ourselves.

We need to lead from who we are, not who we believe other's want us to be. That's courageous self-leadership. That's inspirational. That's impactful.

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