Frequently Asked Questions

Our emotional challenges hold the potential to become our greatest teachers.

Especially when we feel like that we are already in an emotionally vulnerable position, the last thing we want is to be put under pressure to make decisions about what the right next step will be.


In order to give you as much information as possible and as much time as you need to decide whether High-Impact Coahing feels right for you, please find a list of answers to the questions I most frequently get asked.


If you still have further questions, you can always click here to use the contact form to get in touch with me, naturally completely without any obligations or expectations in connection with your message.

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What services do you offer?

I offer experience-based one-to-one coaching sessions that help people overcome their personal struggles. By sharing advice that I know works, my clients feel inspired and find their own way of overcoming what is holding them back. Each session takes 90 minutes and costs £90.

Why do you only offer one-off sessions?

The one-off sessions I offer result in my client's getting encouraged through personalised advice which they can use going forward while remaining independent at the same time.

How do I know your coaching is right for me?

The people who work with me want practical advice from someone who has walked the walk, someone who has been there, done that and knows what works based on personal experience.

How does your business compare to competitors?

The main difference is that I support people based on personal experience. It makes my coaching style very empathic, genuinely inspiring and highly effective at the same time.

How do your tailor your service to each client's needs?

My sessions do not have an agenda, they are all about giving my clients a safe space to talk, feel and be before we find out why precisely they are struggling. Knowing that gives us their individual starting point for how to change the negative thoughts and habits they have developed. Every person is unique, so are their experiences and struggles, therefore no session or approach is ever the same.

What techniques do you use to help your clients?

Each session is a mixture of deep listening, sharing experience and using thought transformation techniques to reframe how we feel and act in certain situations.
I use thought transformation techniques because all our feelings and behaviours are rooted in what we think. Once we find and heal the trigger, we can change the thought and therefore change the outcome.

What can I expect from a one-to-one session?

I ensure that my clients understand the root cause of their struggles and how to effectively change behavioural and emotional patterns. My clients still have to make those changes part of their daily lives in order for them to become effective, but they are fully prepared and encouraged to do so.

What is the process of booking a session with you?

You can click here to access the contact form at the bottom of the High Impact Coaching page.
I would advise to not only look at the website, but also read some of the columns. These will give you an idea of my coaching style and approach. If whatever you are struggling with is related to what I publish, I can certainly support you in your personal development journey.

What is your professional background?

After a corporate career in international project management, I became a Boudoir photographer to give women more confidence through portraits. This included a three week preparation with practical advice as well as confidence-building techniques.
The pandemic resulted in my photo studio being shut for months, but people still kept asking me to help them and their loved ones develop more confidence. So I naturally transitioned to being a coach.
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How is my data and information kept safe?

Anything my clients share during their coaching session is completely confidential and will under no circumstances be shared publicly or with third parties.
For more information on my privacy policy, please click here.