Personal Coaching Application

In no more than three months you can learn how to uproot, heal from and reverse those emotionally self-sabotaging thoughts related to your uniqueness, forever!


You can learn to courageously face and effectively transform these daunting feelings  in order for you to unlock that outstanding potential which will enable you to make an inspirational difference in your life and the lives of others.

That being said, in order to provide life-changing results for my clients based on my pragmatic yet transformative approach, I only work with a maximum of 5 private clients at a time.

The only way I can enable you to learn how to develop the skills to love all that you are and what you stand for is by ensuring that you are absolutely determined, highly motivated and fully committed to doing whatever it takes to reverse those self-sabotaging thoughts which are holding you back, personally and professionally.

Therefore, before filling out the below application form, please take a moment to sit back, close your eyes and take a deep breath before asking yourself the question: Am I ready for this?


This is not an innocent question, this is a profound one which requires radical self-awareness and unbiased honesty. It is not asking yourself what you wish or hope, it is asking yourself if you are willing to confront feelings you have been hesitant to even acknowledge for years, if not decades. It can be done but in order for it to be highly effective, it requires determination and strength. 


All my private clients are courageous, strong-minded and inspirational career women who want to make a profound difference. You have got it in you too, I know you do, but ask yourself if now is the right time to embrace or leverage your uniqueness.

And then, once you truly feel ready to work with me, please fill out the below application form and share what motivates you to learn how to develop your Body-Confidence or Emotional Self-Leadership by working with me.

Thank you very much!

Next steps: I will personally review your application and contact you within a few days of submission. If you have been selected for a coaching experience, I will provide you with the required details and how to prepare for our call.