Body-Confidence Business Consulting

Enabling others to love themselves is one of the

most impactful legacies a business can leave.

You successfully run your business but every time a client confides in you that she lacks confidence you struggle to pragmatically explain how to develop it?

You know how vital confidence is for personal development and overall success in life & business, but you have no idea which confidence-building exercises actually work for the ladies you love to serve?


Body-Confidence techniques can enable you to serve your clients to the best of your abilities and therefore become a competitive advantage to make your business stand out from the rest. Most importantly though, they can also be a major part of the legacy you could be to leaving.

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Despite the majority of my clients being corporate career women, I love supporting female entrepreneurs in their diverse missions. Body-Confidence can be such a valuable addition to almost every audience and my aim is for the concept to benefit as many people as possible.


Therefore, I am choosing one female-run business every month for an exclusive, high impact Body-Confidence business consultation.


You can be the founder of an organisation supporting ladies in challenging situations, a teacher wanting to teach young girls how to stand up for themselves, or a coach encouraging women to follow their dream - I will provide you with a Body-Confidence implementation plan tailored for your specific audience and in line with your unique vision.

To make my service available for small business owners with big ambitions of making a difference in the world, I am offering my business coaching for an accessible price.


As a result of your consultation, you will receive a bespoke concept including my most effective Body-Confidence methods relevant for your business & audience. You can then proceed to freely integrate these into your processes & offers to authentically serve your unique clients even better.

Though the techniques we discuss during your business consultation may increase your own level of Body-Confidence as well, please note that this business consultation has the sole purpose of integrating Body-Confidence concepts into your organisation to make your service offer even more impactful. It does not serve as private personal coaching, hence there being a rigorous selection process.

Business Consulting

Your objectives:

  • enable your clients to feel more confident about their body

  • offer a more holistic service

  • deepen your business impact

What you'll get:

  • 3h business consultation (2 x 90min)

  • business-specific implementation plan


Your investment in your business:



Your application will be the only opportunity for you to convince me to become your consultant, so please take your time when filling out the below form:

Does your business serve women?
Are you the executive decision maker?
Would you implement the changes?

Thank you very much!

Next steps: I will personally review your application and contact you within the above-mentioned timelines. If you have been selected for a business consultation, I will provide you with the required information, payment details and guidance on how to prepare for your preliminary consultation call.