Boudoir Portrait Experience

Femininity is power!
The kind of power that comes from your core, from the essence of your being.

We live in a society where women have to portray strength everywhere, in business as well as in relationships. But we also intuitively feel that there is a part of us which calls us to let go of excess control and enjoy our softer, feminine side.


We have already come so far: we let go of other people's expectations, we have internalised that confidence matters more than looks and we are convinced that everyone's body is uniquely beautiful, ours included. 


However, there is a last little step towards allowing this strong yet sensitive woman to truly be seen and celebrating her uniqueness. And this is exactly how personalised Boudoir photography completes your Body-Confidence journey.


You know that you do not have to be perfect to feel beautiful. You know what you want but that does not mean you have to be strong all the time.


A Boudoir portrait experience is not about proving something to yourself or others. You know it is for you to simply indulge in the happiness of being your authentic, radiant and yes, sensual self.


This is your time to connect with your femininity, to creatively express the unconditional love for the woman that you are. It is about exploring the essence of your female power, about easing into the pleasure of emotional sensitivity. Boudoir portraits are essentially a visual celebration of the strides you have made towards firmly reclaiming your right to feel beautiful.

My mission has always been to enable my Boudoir clients to discover and express their authentic, sensual allure rather than just dolling them up to make them feel sexy for no longer than the duration of their photoshoot. 


A professionally guided 3-week preparation will guarantee to make the unique vision you have for your Boudoir portraits come to life exactly the way you imagined it to. By encouraging you to wear your own make-up and do your own hair, I ensure that you will feel completely comfortable in front of the camera as the only thing you need to do is be yourself. These highly bespoke portrait sessions can be as individualised as your imagination allows: in the comfort of your home, at my Boudoir studio or even abroad - the more you tap into your own creative energy, the more meaningful and empowering these portraits will become.

Most importantly though: it is not only the magnificent end results but the entire inspired process which allows you to genuinely identify with your femininity and integrate it as an asset into your everyday life.

Boudoir Experience

Your objectives:

  • celebrate your new Body-Confidence

  • capture your true feminine essence

  • create unforgettable memories

What you'll get:

  • 1.5-hour photo experience

  • 3 different looks (2 outfit changes)

  • 10 digital images (colour + black&white)

  • 1 deluxe photo album


Luxuriate in your femininity:



When you are ready to embrace the magnificent woman you are and take time to connect with your feminity, click here to contact me.