Body-Confidence Coaching

Wanting to love your body is not vanity - it's your birthright!

I know that is a bold statement.

Especially given that we are living in a world where we get told that, in order to feel beautiful, we must look perfect (whatever that momentarily happens to mean, given society's ever-changing beauty standards). But as long as we look for solutions on the outside, we will always end up falling short, being unsatisfied and feeling insecure. Looking for external validation for our own uniqueness is not only unrealistic but cruel !


It is up to us to develop the uncompromising conviction that what matters is not what we look like but who we are. This life-changing process must start with your body-image because:

Even when we suppress our negative thoughts about our physical appearance,

we are effectively raging war against ourselves.

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Every time that we choose to suppress negative feelings, we show our brain yet again that we do not trust ourselves to be able to effectively deal with our own challenging emotions. If on top of that our mind's autopilot constantly distorts our self-image, our self-esteem inevitably suffers and we end up holding ourselves back in all areas of life, professional and personal. There is a subconscious part of us that is painfully aware of this truth already.

In order to rebuild that grounding foundation for confidence in ourselves, we need to reconnect and unconditionally accept who we are, starting with our physical appearance. Our Body-Confidence is constantly under attack and in the face of incessant criticism and fierce competition, developing emotional resilience is crucial. We must effectively opt out from believing that our body has to look a certain way for us to have a fulfilling career, a loving relationship or to ambitiously go after all that life has to offer.

Reclaiming that power starts with us. It all starts with courageously embracing our uniqueness!

Body-Confidence Coaching - What exactly is that about?

Pragmatic, practical and experience-based one-to-one Body-Confidence Coaching enables ambitious career women to learn to love the way they look, build emotional resilience and discover their inspiring individuality.

Through using the 6 Aspects Approach, Body-Confidence Coaching first and foremost helps you understand why you are not satisfied with your appearance.

It enables you to finally be able to silence the internal and external negative commentary and instead, find peace & confidence in truly appreciating your body.

Then, you will learn proven techniques to transform your thoughts and become more comfortable with the way you look by managing the underlying fears connected to your low level of personal confidence.

​The programme's ultimate goal is for you to achieve a profound belief in yourself, the significance of your uniqueness and the beauty of your body, regardless of how other people or society are trying to make you feel about your physical appearance.

As a career woman with that kind of fundamental confidence, you can achieve absolutely anything you set mind to:

  • getting that executive-level promotion

  • setting new benchmarks for your industry

  • following your passion and starting your own business

  • having fulfilling relationships with your loved ones

  • being a confidence-role model to others

  • or simply put: not letting anything get in your way!

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Ready to embrace your uniqueness?