The Concept of No-Nonsense Confidence

I work with career women who are some of the strongest, boldest women people will ever meet,

yet who sense they are reluctant to face their feelings because they are scared.

Career women like us are appreciated for and thoroughly convinced of our professional competencies, so we feel rightfully confident about them. Nevertheless, despite our best efforts to believe it means nothing, we are also painfully aware of how much we struggle to let our emotional guard down.

However, we are also conscious of the inconvenient fact that this is getting in our way, even if we don't quite realise how often that is the case and to what professional and personal extent.

That is precisely what No-Nonsense Confidence is here to enable you to discover and ultimately overcome, for you to unlock your full potential.

In an industry that is primarily built on mantras, affirmations and unicorn crystal water, the concept of No-Nonsense Confidence is refreshingly straight-forward:

We offer high-quality personal development services that are pragmatic, practical and experience-based.

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So who am I to encourage you to face your feelings?

I am Yasmin a Boudoir photographer, and for over half a decade I have helped women of all ages and body types to find the courage and confidence to create authentic sensual portraits by simply being themselves.


As an entrepreneur but also during my international corporate project management career, I have encountered countless beautiful and highly-successful women who cringed whenever I proposed a Boudoir photoshoot to them.


This seemingly paradox behaviour motivated me to research the subject of confidence further. It became evident that, while confidence in our professional competencies is linked to our personal confidence in who we are, these two types of confidence are also profoundly different from one another.

For the longest time, we thought we were able (and possibly even expected) to suppress our negative emotions about the way we look, who we are or what we stand for in order to "push through" and be "strong". Such subconscious emotional self-sabotage does not just limit our personal happiness but also keeps us from becoming inspirational, visionary leaders.

If you have been trying for years to boost your self-esteem by accepting one executive interim appointment after another, getting that second PhD, or taking on even more high-profile projects but it still seems like something is holding you back - you might want to consider that you are potentially looking in the wrong place.

And when you feel ready to face your feelings and embrace or leverage your uniqueness, message me.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you,