The Concept of No-Nonsense Confidence

I work with visionary rebels wanting to change the world

who sense they are holding themselves back.

Visionary individuals like us are driven by wanting to make a difference - always have been, always will be, no matter what odds we are up against. We cannot help it, we have felt this urge to create something meaningful, something that is bigger than ourselves, since we were young. Our deepest desire is to find out how to bring our vision to life.

However, we are also painfully aware of the fact that most people simply cannot picture what we see is so clearly needed. So especially when we hit a road block, we cannot look to many others for help because where we are going nobody has ventured before. We cannot ask everyone for guidance - there is no path, it is up to us to forge it and make it our own. What we bring to the world is deeply connected with who we are, so we must learn to uncompromisingly trust our own instincts for direction.

That is precisely what No-Nonsense Confidence is all about. It gives you the unconstrained access to your completely unique talents so that you can make that difference only you can.

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So who am I to enable you to access your unique talents?

I am a High-Impact Consultant who, over half a decade ago, started as a Boudoir photographer. I helped women of all ages and body types to find the courage and confidence to create authentic sensual portraits by simply being themselves.


Needless to say, quitting a promising corporate career in international project management to "take photos of half-naked women" was not my parent's, friend's or anyone else's definition of success. But I did it nontheless because I knew that it was my way of helping women along their journey of feeling more comfortable with and confident about their body.


Out of my photography business grew a coaching programme that encouraged successful career women to feel confident about their body again - a revolutionary approach as nobody directly associated Body-Confidence with career success.

I have spent most of my adult life searching for how to make that innovative, inspirational contribution I always felt I was here to make. I have faced my darkest challenges and reinvented myself ten times over to understand how I can put myself in a position to courageously create change. 


In the end, I have come to the conclusion that in order to make a significant contribution to humanity, we must discover and uproot all the patterns that result in us giving away our power to do so. We have to overcome the external and internal limitations that we have gradually accepted and which are now holding us back from having that impact. We have to break free from everything that overshadows our connection with our uniqueness.


It has always been in our power to create that difference only we are in a position to make. We might have lost that connection to our unique talents over time but they are still within our reach. Our ability to make a difference is inseparably connected with who we are - all we need to do is unblock it.


So when you feel ready to do this, message me.