The Concept of Body-Confidence

I work with ambitious career women who are "too much" according to others,

yet when they look at themselves in the mirror, they feel like they are never enough.

The concept of Body-Confidence is relatively simple to explain, yet anything but easy to truly understand and effectively apply.


Body-Confidence, in short, it means

how you feel about the way you look.

Career women like us are appreciated for and thoroughly convinced of our professional competencies, so we feel rightfully confident about them. Nevertheless, we are also painfully aware of the fact that we still struggle to genuinely appreciate the way our body looks.

Body-Confidence is essentially the underlying foundation for the various types of confidence you have developed in all aspects of your life, professionally and personally.

So who am I to help you learn to love the way you look?

I am Yasmin, an international Boudoir photographer. For over half a decade now I have helped women of all ages and body types to find the courage and confidence to create authentic, sensual portraits.


During my corporate project management career and as an entrepreneur, I have encountered countless beautiful and highly-successful women who cringed whenever I proposed a Boudoir photoshoot to them.

This seemingly paradox behaviour motivated me to research the subject of confidence further. It became evident that confidence in our professional competencies and confidence in our appearance are linked, yet profoundly different.

Based on my findings, my personal struggle of learning to love the way I look and given the apparent need for clarity & practical guidance, I developed the concept of Body-Confidence which is founded on the following four core values:

For the longest time, we thought we were able (and possibly even expected) to suppress our negative feelings about the way we look. Fact is that this only procrastinates inevitable self-sabotage, on a personal but also professional level.

If you have been trying for years to boost your self-esteem by accepting one executive interim appointment after another, getting that second PhD, or taking on even more high-profile projects in order to reach that next level but nothing seems to work - you might want to consider that you are potentially looking in the wrong place.

And when you are ready to fully commit to reclaiming your power, message me.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you,

Click here to embrace your uniqueness!

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